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My Story

For longer than I care to admit I was guilty of not even realizing that I had disappeared from my own list of priorities...when I was forced to face the negative realities in my life I made a drastic change and left the place I was despite my grief about my "failure" and my fear of what was to come...on reflection I knew it was long overdue but fear and uncertainty is a powerful tranquilizer...the beauty of possibilities birthed came quickly after I cut the cord of darkness and the power of manifestation has guided me to the most amazingly abundant life with the most awesome daughters and the most incredible husband!

And that's how I learned that what I do is actually totally unique and special.

what i will do with you:


What would you choose to be or do if there was zero chance that you could fail?


What would your life to look 
like if you had infinite possibilities and endless time?


Limitless possibilities await you if you're ready to start?

Are you ready to decide? 

The WishChick Promise

There is a better way...

I have walked the path of destruction in an empty relationship built on too many lies to count...leaving after I finally got the strength to ask the questions I had avoided for much too long having no solid plan but clear that I didn't want my children to think that was what love should look like...each step forward taught valuable lessons and the setbacks became fewer as I gained trust in my own intuition and belief in the power of manifestation...my life has been entirely transformed to one of limitless abundance, full of love, adventure and endless possibility...

I get you. I've been there.
I would love to help.


It’s never too late
to rewrite your
your life
or reignite your

let's work together

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I have a long-held vision of creating a worldwide community of fabulous females who support each other, have fabulous fun, share amazing adventures and lift each other up.

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